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Recently Canceled Southland May Move To TNT

sg_poster_southlandThough the cancellation of Southland came as a surprise for fans and cast alike, the cop drama’s proposed move to TNT isn’t so shocking.

Earlier this month NBC renewed the drama after a positive first season. Before the second season could begin, NBC pulled the rug from under its cast in a bizarre move, despite NBC having six shows from Southland’s second season already produced. Don’t fret fans as in comes cabler TNT to rescue the show from certain doom in a deal that seems easy to do on paper.

Southland is owned and produced by Warner Bros. Television, the same corporate owner as TNT so the content move may seem like a done deal. “We continually look at all programming opportunities that fit our portfolio of brands,” read a statement from TNT.

The proposed deal would release NBC from any shutdown costs. NBC will also get some of the $10 million that the network has spent on season two. Also, if the show does get picked up, NBC will keep getting paid, until its entire second-season investment is returned.

TNT currently has a slew of well-produced cop shows including The Closer, Dark Blue and syndicated runs of Law & Order. Southland may fit nicely into TNT’s lineup.

The official word on why Southland was abruptly canceled remains a mystery though many speculate that the show’s dark content may not have not tested well with audiences. Other believe that NBC’s vision of prime-time, which includes Jay Leno’s “new” talk show, didn’t mesh with the drama. NBC reportedly played hardball in negotiations with Warner Bros, demanding a high, upfront licensing fee for the six second season episodes.

With its debut in April 2009, Southland started out strong, garnering 9 million viewers a week for the first two episodes but steadily declined as time went on.

In the past couple years, viewers have seen an unusual flurry of shows switching networks. Scrubs made a leap from NBC to ABC last season and Project Runway moved from Bravo to Lifetime. Medium went from NBC to CBS.

It’s not known whether TNT would air all 13 episodes if the deal goes through.

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